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sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009


We all know how Secret Invasion ended with the Skrulls defeated and the death of the Wasp and the Skrull Queen. But what if it happened another way? Get ready to check out two widely different tales exploring that question. In the first story, scribes Kevin Grevioux (NEW WARRIORS, Underworld movies) and Karl Bollers (EMMA FROST) ask more questions: What if Reed Richards was killed before escaping from the Skrulls? Would our heroes still have won the day? Or would Earth embrace the Skrull way of life? In other words, “WHAT IF THE SKRULLS WON?” Illustrations by hot newcomer Pow Rodrix (JLA #35) with digital paints by Frank Martin Jr.(Thunderbolts).

HOT NEWCOMER??!!! Huauhauhuhushuhauhuhsuahuha!!!! Os caras viajaram geral!!!

Um comentário:

Alan Faria disse...

Belissimas pgs, Pow!
e cara, esse colorista ai detona!
parabéns pelo rabalho!

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